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Training with me is simple and enjoyable both for you and your dog. I use reward based methods, which are kind, effective and supported by animal learning theory and research.

My approach can be described as "dog-oriented teaching" as I emphasize the fact that not only dogs need to learn how to live in our society but also we should understand and respect their needs.

I offer one-to-one training within East London and open basic and intermediate obedience classes in Wanstead Park, E11/IG1. Take a gander at puppy training.

One-to-one training:

  • Basic obedience training for dogs over 7 months of age who missed their puppy education.
  • Intermediate obedience for dogs who already know the basics (sit / down / stay / walking on a loose leash / walking to heel / reliable recall).
  • Tailored training: if you and your dog are experiencing problems in a certain area of training, please get in touch and we will prepare an appropriate training program for you (most common problems are: poor recall, pulling on a leash, jumping up at people etc.).
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Basic obedience classes:

  • They are aimed at all dogs above 7 months of age who missed their puppy education and need basic obedience training (there is no upper age limit, it is absolutely not true that you can't teach an old dog new tricks!). Classes are held on Sundays at 12.30pm in Wanstead Park and are operated on a drop-in basis. Please contact us for details and location, if interested.

Intermediate obedience classes:

  • They are aimed at graduates from our puppy classes and any other dogs who already know the basics. Classes are held on Sundays at 11am in Wanstead Park and are open - you don't have to commit to the whole course, you can just drop in, every week or from time to time (but of course, consistency is crucial if you want to see results!). There are no age limits. Please contact us about dates, times and location and to have an informal chat about yours and your dog's skills and abilities.

(Btw, classes are fun - adult dogs also get play time!).

Prices of the dog training courses.




One place available in 1pm group walk Monday to...


Puppy training course starts in April 2016

Dogs & the City warmly invites you to join us on the puppy training course starting in April 2016...


Holiday break

Holiday break! from 11th until 25th od August. In that time I won't perform any training sesion or...

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Siobhan & Piter with Honey

Our Honey loves Magda. Always reliable and very caring Magda has been walking and holiday boarding Honey for the past year. We can rela...

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Mirosław Antoniewicz with Kodi

Magda was our training instructor during 2 months long training with our dog. I think she is a very well prepared teacher, as far as ca...

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Maggie & Rossie with Nero

Nero has been walking with Magda for almost a year now...he loves her and really enjoys his walks. He stays at her home when we go away...

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