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police-checked and fully insured Magda Szachniewicz

Dogs have always been my greatest passion, so both my professional and private life revolve around them. At the age of 29 I decided to move from Poland to the UK to get as much experience in working with dogs as possible.

Animals have always been a part of my life, I grew up with dogs. When as an adult I moved to Wroclaw (in the south-west of Poland) I became a volunteer in the city shelter and later on joined a charity dedicated to rescuing homeless dogs. I worked there as a rehoming coordinator - a role that required not only an exceptional understanding of canine behaviour but also a working knowledge of human psychology. I also had to learn how to deal with both dogs and people, should any behaviour problems occur.

Dozens of dogs passed through my hands, many of them left everlasting pawprints in my heart. I also had a pleasure of taking care of several cats - one of them was particularly dear to me.

Parallel with working for the charity, I ran training classes and one-to-one obedience training, as well as provided behaviour consultations for dogs and owners in trouble. As I have always striven for excellence, I often participate in seminars and workshops offered by animal behaviourists and dog trainers, particularly those involved in competitive sports.

I am also a co-author of an educational program 'Doggy Pre-schoolers' aimed at children of the nursery age and designed to teach them how to behave around dogs to stay safe and how to care wisely for the four-legged friends. This program has proven extremely popular in Poland.

I share my life with two dogs - Krokus the Labrador Retriever, my obedience training partner, and Fiona the Big Eared Crossbreed, a rescue puppy-like oldie. They are my best friends and family and of course they moved to the UK with me!

Magda is police-checked and fully insured with Pet Business Insurance.




One place available in 1pm group walk Monday to...


Puppy training course starts in April 2016

Dogs & the City warmly invites you to join us on the puppy training course starting in April 2016...


Holiday break

Holiday break! from 11th until 25th od August. In that time I won't perform any training sesion or...

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Russel with Jim

I have had Magda come and walk my pug cross every weekday for the last few months. She is highly reliable and pays great attention to m...

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Katherine & Francis with Paco

We were so relieved when Magda took over from our previous dog walker, who had moved from the area. Our dog immediately warmed to her a...

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Mirosław Antoniewicz with Kodi

Magda was our training instructor during 2 months long training with our dog. I think she is a very well prepared teacher, as far as ca...

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